Playa del Carmen

‘Habit is stronger than reason’ – George Santayana

Summer of Rich continued with what has become a regular trip down to Mexico. With my return to the working world set for mid-August, we set a goal of having a great week with Sarah in Playa del Carmen to celebrate her graduation from high school.

This was our third trip to Playa. Beth, the kids and I went down four years ago and my brothers and we took my mom there for her retirement last year. It’s a great town that has the typical touristy main street, but also some great small oceanside clubs and restaurants. We usually stay at Fusion. It’s a family owned hotel right on the beach with live music every night and the best mojitos in the world.

The first order of business was to check out the changes in the hotel. They used to have a massive canvas sail covering the bar area, but apparently it didn’t work out as well as they had hoped. When we arrived they were in the process of erecting a large palapa roof in its place. The men building the roof had nothing but a chain saw and a couple machetes as tools. They would cut various logs to the size they needed using dead reckoning. The largest of the logs required five or six people to move from the staging area in the street to the bar area where the roof was being built.

The rest of the week was just very calming and relaxing. The white sand beach and music was a wonderful change of pace!

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