Good things come to those who wait

‘It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.’ – Elizabeth Taylor

Tomorrow is April 1st and I haven’t gotten to fly just for the fun of it for almost three months. If I only count successful missions, thereby removing our trip to Austin over the holidays, then it’s been at least five months. A good flight is long overdue.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t been flying. I have been. A lot. We attempted to get to Austin and completed the trip on Southwest. In the past week I’ve been on two 757′s and four different Caravans, in one of which I got to sit right seat. But the bulk of my flying has been spent doing training seeking an instrument rating. From January through mid-March I was flying 2-4 times a week in pursuit of the goal of being able to fly even when looking out the window provides no useful information. More on that later, but with that goal finally accomplished, I get to fly a fun mission again.

The weekend of April 9th we’re going to take a plane down to Macomb, IL for family weekend at Sarah’s university. I’m very excited to getting in an airplane and just flying somewhere instead of trying to learn another bucket of new material. Should be a blast!

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Traveling, as seen from the perspective of a laptop

A laptop guide to travel:

NetworkMain (Lisle, IL)
tmobile (KORD)
atithi (Bangalore, India)
NetworkOne (Lisle, IL)
Seton Family Access (Unknown)
Bookpeople (Austin, TX)
linksys (Avoca, WI)
Sweet Rock (Avoca, WI)
BLG-Guest-Internet-3rd-Floor (London, England?)
CEDSAP (Unknown)
Univa Wireless (Lisle, IL)
Boingo Hostspot (Boulder, CO)
PANERA (Bloomingdale, IL)
YYC.Free.Public.Wifi (Calgary, Canada)
Castle 3-10 (Banff, Canada)
omni_lobby (Broomfield, CO)
Fairmont_Guest_Wireless (Chicago, IL)
HiPoint (Unknown)
GuestNet (Unknown)
Reliance (Unknown)
stayonline (Unknown)
Cbeyond-Guest (Unknown)
FHRGNet (Richardson, TX)
GoldenTree (Richardson, TX)
infocrossing_guest (Broomfield, CO)
HiltonMTG (Richardson, TX)
hhonors (Various / Macomb, IL)
AHSGuest (Unknown)
frontier8709 (Unknown)
omni (Broomfield, CO)
generalstore (Spring Green, WI)
Customer Internet Center (Unknown)
blue714 (Miami, FL)
MIA-WiFi (Miami, FL)
The New Yorker Hotel (New York City, NY)
BURB (New York City, NY)
BakerStreetFREE (Unknown)
attwifi (Various)
Lookout (Boulder, CO)
Ifox_Guest (Broomfield, CO)
CPH-Public (Unknown)
JCFS Free WiFi (Jefferson County Airport, MO)
KHOT (Hot Springs, AR)
Clarkair (Carlsbad, NM)
stevens (Carlsbad, NM)
bestwestern (Carlsbad, NM)
Xanterra-2 (Grand Canyon, AZ)
CanyonRanch2 (Grand Canyon, AZ)
Airport(U77) (Spanish Fork, UT)
Yellowstone Aviation (West Yellowstone, MT)
Travelodge Keystone (Keystone, SD)
wiuwirelesslan (Macomb, IL)
muddyboots (Nashville, IN)
AMO’S (Muscoda, WI)
Fusion Hotel (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)
ANLTCSG-guest (Darien, IL)
deskpoint (Unknown)
vir_club (Unknown)
inter-touch (Unknown)
QFLink (Unknown)
Oryx-Guest (Broomfield, CO)
FNJT (Unknown)
Campana (Bloomingdale, IL)
Elysian Fields Inn (New Orleans, LA)
GlobalSuiteWireless (Various)
Ranke (Oak Park, IL)
AeroPremier (Branson, MO)
LRNAFreeWifi (Little Rock, AR)
Cocotal Inn and Cabanas (San Pedro, Belize)

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