See ya on the airways

“Sure, many forms of recreation are expensive. But here’s how I look at it:

For billions of years prior to now, I didn’t exist. And in a relatively short time from now, I will return to that state of non-existence. So I count myself incredibly lucky to be alive. I also count myself incredibly lucky to live in a century in which technology, society, my country of residence, my health, and my wallet have all reached a magical nexus which allows me to own and fly my own airplane. In all of human history, that has only been the case for approximately 100 years (realistically, 80 or so.) And in all of the nations around the globe, I live in one of the very few ones where it is remotely possible to own an airplane, and in just about the only one where it is still remotely financially feasible to do so, for a person without a trust fund.

Had I been born in 1773 instead of 1973, I would not be so lucky. Had I been born in Ghana instead of New York, I would not be so lucky. Had I been born with a significant medical condition instead of my relatively healthy body, I would not be so lucky.

Nope, it just happens that I was born at the right time, in the right country, and have made the right educational and professional moves in my life to allow me to own an airplane. How many other humans can say the same? Maybe .000000001% of all humans who have ever lived? Probably less.

So what am I going to do with these incredible, unbelievable, deliriously wonderful strokes of luck? Sit here and grumble about how much I’m paying to fly? Or go out there and blaze as many airborne trails as I can?

See ya on the airways.”

— Unknown

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