Change Of Scenery

I decided that we needed a pre-flight briefing video for the Maule so I put together a shot list over the last few days and recruited my nieces and nephew to star in it. We were all gathering at the farm for the 4th of July weekend anyway so decided to use that opportunity to film the footage.

I had estimated that it would take 15-45 minutes to film the 3 minutes of footage I needed so we decided to head to the airport around 10:30, shoot the footage, get some lunch and do some flying. The kids are rounded up by their parents and I hitch a ride over with Matt. We made a quick stop in Lone Rock for cash and found the only bank in the world that doesn’t have an ATM. Weird.

The standard cast of characters was in the mini-mart. As I got some money out I overheard the cashier and a customer discussing the latest DUI for a relative and an older guy with no teeth came in for a 24oz Old Style. Cheaper breakfast than an order of eggs and bacon I suppose.

Out the door we headed back down the road to the airport and I set to work getting the plane ready for the filming. I got the gear I needed unpacked and threw the rest into the luggage compartment. First cast was Opie and What-What. They mostly did their parts from the back seat and looked adorable as always.

Neutron and Stinkeye were next and also pulled everything off admirably.

We grabbed a quick lunch and went flying in shifts. The kids had a blast in the back seat. We flew sorties over the farm and various folks came out to the driveway to wave as we flew over.

All in all a good day.

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