Top Eleven

All music is beautiful. – Billy Strayhorn

We have a busy weekend coming up and it will involve a lot of driving. Having not updated my iPod in a while I hooked it up to get the latest podcasts and create a few new playlists. Surprisingly, until just now I didn’t have a list that was based on frequency of songs being played. I found the variety in the top eleven to be both interestingly focused, unfocused and a couple surprises.

10: Lily Allen, Smile
9: Sufjan Stevens, Jackonsville
8: Sufjan Stevens, The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
7: Lily Allen, LDN
6: Sufjan Stevens, Casimir Pulaski Day
5: Public Enemy, Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
4: Public Enemy, By The Time I Get To Arizona
3: Gorillaz, Feel Good, Inc.
2: Beck, Hell Yes
1: Beck, Qué Onda Guero
0: Bill Withers, Use Me

Focus: In the top eleven, there are only six artists. I knew well that I tended to like a fair amount of stuff from any given artist. By the time something makes it onto my iPod I am generally buying an entire album rather than specific songs. But I was still surprised to find this list so focused.

Unfocused: One certainly can’t claim that this list represents a narrow focus on a particular genre. The top 100 list is even more broad, including samba (first appearing at 20 and dominating 20-40), disco (first appearing at 14), mexican (first appearing at 40, with a lot between 40-70) and political (first appearing at 54 and widely scattered from there through 200).

Beyond the variety of music, there is also a surprising artifact in Sufjan Stevens appearing three times in the top eleven. Mrs. rw2 doesn’t like him at all, so for him to make top eleven means he has been in pretty heavy rotation when I’m alone in the car.

I wonder what other interesting things I can learn about myself by making some new play lists…

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