P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney – Dory in Finding Nemo

Having been home from Peru for only two weeks, we again packed our bags for another adventure. We soon found ourselves on a United flight from ORD->SFO->SYD. Yes, we were going to Australia! We’ve had friends and family warn us of the terribly long flight but we found that it wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought. We’ve made the non-stop trip from Chicago to Tokyo and seeing as that was around 14 hours, the flight from San Fransico to Sydney didn’t seem as daunting. Given that the trip was broken up with a stop in San Fran made it seem ‘doable’ to us but with that said, an in-flight total of 18 hours is still a…really…long…time.

There are always quirks and interesting tidbits while traveling and the flight to ‘down under’ isn’t without one. Traveling after midnight and over the international dateline had us skipping an entire day. Tuesday 2 October, 2012 didn’t exist for us. Much like the opposite of adding a day every four years in February, we had one deleted from our calendar. As if having to deal with the time change between here and home, we now had to ignore an entire day. Weird.

We ambled off the plane to an early morning arrival (6:30am) in the bustling town of Sydney. A quick train ride from the airport to the city center put us on the busy CBD (or Central Business district) streets of Elizabeth and Liverpool at Hyde Park. We had also been warned that Sydney was an extremely expensive city and It was quickly apparent when I was looking for accommodations while trip-planning. Hotels were either ungodly expensive or received terrible reviews and as we’d be in Sydney for 9 days, we went for plan B: A self-contained studio apartment has fit the bill perfectly with a convenient location.

The first few days have been filled with many activities. We’ve utilized the free tourist bus as well as already walked what seems like 100 miles in the city center. Our first excursion had us on the Circular Quay gaping at the two most iconic symbols of Sydney and Australia itself: the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The two are, without a doubt, significant structures that embody the heart and soul of the city for locals and visitors alike. In two days, we’ve seen them twice and it is clear that at any angle or any time of day or night, they present an original view for the spectator to enjoy. I have to say that no matter where I travel, I am still in awe of famous places. I have seen numerous notable world landmarks and each and every time I am exposed to a new one, I simply can’t get enough.

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